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Exercise Your Brain

(so you can be your best)
BrainHQ is your online headquarters for brain training, with specialized exercises for memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, decision-making, and navigation. Just as the right kind of exercise can improve our physical health, the right kind of brain training can improve our brain health and cognitive performance. BrainHQ provides the training your brain needs to be at its best.
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Built on serious science

(this is good stuff)

The BrainHQ brain training program represents the culmination of 30 years of research in brain science and neuroplasticity. It was designed by an international team of neuroscientists, led by Dr. Michael Merzenich—world famous for his discovery of adult brain plasticity—a breakthrough that showed that anyone can strengthen and enhance their brain.

Brain training that's right for you

(since no two brains are the same)
BrainHQ adapts to your unique brain. You'll notice that the BrainHQ exercises get a little more challenging if you're doing well, and a little easier if you need them to. So they’re never too hard or too easy—they’re just right for you to drive change in your brain. Plus, the personal trainer feature, designed by our scientists, continually tracks your performance to serve up the exercises that are right for you.
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It can fit into your life

(even if you are busy)

It takes less than five minutes to do a BrainHQ level, so you can train in tiny bites or long blocks, depending on your schedule. Plus, you can use BrainHQ on almost any computer or mobile device, so you can take it on the go. If you want, you can set up personal training goals and have BrainHQ send you training reminders when you want them.

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Built for your success

(it’s easy, motivating, and fun)

BrainHQ has dozens of online exercises that work out attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation, and intelligence.

You can track your progress over time, and - if you like detail - drill down into performance reporting on individual exercise levels and design your own brain training schedule.

You can even add your friends and family to your brain training team to build community and stay motivated!

The cognitive benefits are proven

(It really works!)

BrainHQ exercises help people think faster, focus better, and remember more - helping them be happier, healthier, and more in control of their lives. More than 100 published research papers—most of which were independently conducted by respected scientists - show the benefits. (Of course, every study is conducted on a different group of people, and individual results vary.)

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